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We have many different Event Package options to suit your individual tastes and budget. If needed, we can also work with my event planner, or my catering team to customize any of our Buffet or Plate standard menus to accommodate your needs.


1)   Elevated Stage 18'x8'

2)  Presentations - with 16 feet wide HD screen Bose Pro Surround Sound System for Videos & Slideshows

3)  Live Bands or DJ   (available upon requests)

4)  Karaoke

5)  Programs

6)  Also, Sound System, Microphones, Stage Lights, Dance Floor  (available upon requests)

7)  Chairs and Tables are included 

8)  Full Kitchen and Bar is available

9)  We can accommodate up to 120 guests

10) Prices based on the day of the week:

       Mon-Thu - $190.   Per Hour

                  Fri - $220.   Per Hour

                 Sat - $290.  Per Hour 

                Sun - $260.  Per Hour

      Minimum 4 hours rental is required 

11) We provide Food  @ $14 per person for 6 choices,

      $1.50  per person for each additional choice.

12) It is allowed to bring food ($200 charge for assistance and use of equipment )


Events with alcoholic beverages consumption after 9 pm, must have licensed security provided by the Venue ($150./per event)

All alcoholic beverages must be purchased at our Venue.